Guided Imagination

Guided Imagination, sometimes called “guided imagery” or “guided visualization” is a set of directions, or suggestions, that guide you into a relaxed state.

These directions use visual images or scenarios to help you focus and relax.

The imagery used in this type of exercise is very personal; what’s relaxing for one person may be terrifying to another person.

This audio relaxation technique uses the imagery of a walk through the woods, a stream and a meadow. If you find those images relaxing, or even neutral, you may find this exercise very relaxing.

However, if you have any fears related to these images, don’t use this audio example to relax you! You can simply come up with your own imagery that you find relaxing.  Try to come up with a scenario in which you are imagining how things taste, feel, smell, sound and look. Use all your senses in your imagination.  Imagine as many details as you can, of a safe, relaxing place. Whatever is safe and relaxing for you is fine!  The image on this page is a lovely photograph by RichTea >>


Make sure you have approximately 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to fully experience this relaxation exercise. Please do not listen to this recording while driving, or while doing anything that needs your attention.  The audio will instruct you to open your eyes at the end so if you want to fall asleep to this activity, listen a few times and then you can do it on your own.

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