Mandala Coloring

click on this image for a larger version

Mandalas are intricate designs inside of a circle formation. Focusing on a mandala can be a meditative experience and therefore an effective stress management technique.

Coloring a mandala prior to a stressful event can help you be more relaxed when you start the stressful event.

Coloring a mandala during a difficult conversation or situation can also help reduce your stress.

Just coloring a mandala for no other reason than relaxation can be a terrific experience!

Materials needed:

  • Mandala for coloring.  You can use the image at the top of the page; click on it for a bigger version, or find many more at >>
  • Crayons


  • Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortable and not be interrupted.
  • You should plan on spending 10-20 minutes on this exercise.
  • Use the mandala and the crayons as your point of focus.
  • When your mind starts to wander, simply recognize that it has wandered and gently bring your attention back to coloring.
  • Pay attention to:
    • the feel of the crayon on the paper as you color back and forth.
    • the smell of the crayons
    • the colors of the crayons
    • coloring inside the lines (to help with focus)
  • Music: Some people enjoy listening to music while doing this technique. If your goal is to trigger a relaxation response, Parent Trust recommends that you either:
    • try the technique without music OR
    • use music that is simple, background music. Something with a simple melody line, one or two instruments only, preferably no vocals.