What is a stressor?

Final Scenario

You have just been hired at the new movie theater in town. Today is your first day at work. You are excited, but also a bit nervous since you’ve never done anything like this before.

You are on the bus going to your shift. You look out your window and realize: “Oh no! I got on the wrong bus! ARRGGHH! What do I do now?” Thankfully, the driver knows and tells you where to transfer.

When you finally arrive at your correct stop, you walk down the sidewalk towards the movie theater entrance. All of a sudden you hear from behind you, “WATCH OUT!!!”

CRASH!!!! You are knocked aside by a little kid learning to ride his bike. You are shaken, but unhurt.

You haven’t even started work and you’re already feeling stressed!

How many types of stressors do you think are in this scenario?