GS Workshop Requirements


For the Great Starts Professional Childbirth Educator Workshop, we assume that all students have a solid level of knowledge about pregnancy, the labor and birth process, medical interventions for complications, newborn care, and postpartum. This assumption allows us to spend our class time focusing on how to teach the information to expectant parents.

Optional Reading

After you register for the class, we will send you a list of recommended optional readings you may choose to review before the workshop.

Observing a Class

If your intention after the workshop is to become a certified childbirth educator and begin teaching group childbirth classes, then we strongly recommend (though we do not require) that you observe a childbirth class series for expectant parents before you attend the training. This helps to give you a fresh perspective on childbirth classes, and helps give a deeper context to everything we will cover in the workshop.

Note: you can apply this observation toward your Great Starts certification process if you complete and submit the required paperwork, which can be found online >>

During The Workshop

All students will be expected to present one ten-minute lecture with AV’s on a challenging topic, and do two ten-minute sessions on teaching and practicing a physical skill (such as a breathing technique, positions for labor, or massage).