Theresa Makes Life Better for Her Kids and Her Community

When Theresa joined our Circle of Parents® group, she and her kids were homeless, and struggling to navigate daily life. Theresa remembers how overwhelming it was.

“Homelessness is one thing – parenting is another. Parenting while homeless,” she says, “that’s a whole other thing.”

Theresa says, “my favorite thing [about group] is the interaction with other families that are going through the same issues.” Today, Theresa has housing, a job and a new career plan.

Parent Trust groups are an opportunity to build a network of support and come together with other parents. “It’s good to hear other people’s input on how to solve issues or look at things outside of your perspective,” says Theresa.

Theresa is a Parent Leader and Community Ambassador for Parent Trust.

This winter, Theresa begins college with the end goal of becoming a field counselor. She hopes to focus her work on families without homes, taking advantage of her lived experience.

“Being in group and being around other families has made me realize how much help and support needs to be out there,” she says. 

Parent Trust is a member of the national Circle of Parents® network. Our groups are an opportunity for parents to meet regularly, share ideas, celebrate successes, and address challenges. The Parent Trust Circle of Parents® groups are based on the national model and include the following:

  • Use a mutual-help support group model.
  • Facilitation by a trained Group Facilitator and Parent Leaders.
  • Cost is free to parents and caregivers.
  • Warm, welcoming meetings in a non-judgmental setting.
  • Groups offered online and in person.

Theresa’s Parent Trust group is offered in partnership with the Improving School Attendance Collaborative >> – providing intensive services for families facing homelessness.

In group, Theresa found support and practical strategies to help her family create a new life. Our groups give parents the chance to share and learn from one another.

At Parent Trust, we believe in the power of connection and community.

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