Telephone Support & Resources

1-800-932-HOPE (4673)

The Family Help Line is a statewide, toll-free telephone line and online searchable database. The Family Help Line is available to parents, caregivers, and anyone who has an interest or questions about a child in their community.

Program Focus

The Family Help Line decreases the risk factors associated with child abuse by providing a safe place for parents/caregivers to vent, defuse anger, decrease stress and receive support and coaching to deal with difficult situations or family crises. The Family Help Line provides the only statewide, toll-free phone service focused primarily on parenting and family issues. Our clients receive immediate parenting information and referrals to local community resources in all 39 counties of Washington State.

Our Services

Live parenting coaches are available Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM
Parents/caregivers/professionals/family and friends can contact Family Help Line coaches for individualized support, information and referral, parenting education and techniques, and assistance with stress reduction and advocacy. If you are unable to directly access a Parenting Coach, you can leave a message. All voice mails are returned as soon as a Parenting Coach is available.

+1 (800) 932-4673
  • A menu of recorded messages about helpful resources and phone numbers in all 39 counties of Washington State.
  • Searchable Database: 24 hours
  • Online database of classes; support groups; events; and resources organized by city. Search The Database >>

In addition to publications that are available on our website, the Family Help Line mails parenting/care-giving information to callers who make requests. We have over 100 publications available for mailing or downloading, in addition to brochures, posters, and Family Help Line cards. See Parenting Tips Online >>

We are also happy to prepare Parenting Toolkits that are tailored to address the specific concerns of the caller.

Family Help Line Cards

You may order Family Help Line Cards by contacting the Family Help Line
Cards are wallet sized!