Lamaze Class Full Outline

Great Starts Lamaze™ Childbirth Education Series

Week One –
Healthy Birth Practice 1: Let labor begin on its own.
Topics: Late Pregnancy, Signs of the Onset of Labor, Induction, Coping Skill Practice – Relaxation Skills for
Early Labor.

Week Two –
Healthy Birth Practice 2: Walk, move around, and change positions throughout labor.
Topics: Stages of Labor, the importance of movement for coping with labor pain and aiding labor progress,
Understanding labor pain. Coping Skill Practice – positions, movement, massage.

Week Three –
Healthy Birth Practice 3: Bring a loved one, friend or doula for continuous support.
Topics: Arriving at the Birthplace, Labor Support, Pain Medications, and Birth Plans. Coping Skill Practice –
Internal & External Focus.

Week Four –
Healthy Birth Practice 4: Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary.
Topics: Informed Choice, Understanding the difference between interventions as a routine, and interventions
when medically necessary. Interventions discussed include: Amniotomy, monitoring, augmentation, vaginal
exams, IV. Coping Skill Practice – Strategies for back labor.

Week Five –
Healthy Birth Practice 5: Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body’s urges to push.
Topics: Pushing stage and the birth of your baby, Positions and strategies for an easy pushing stage; Possible
interventions – Vacuum Extractor, Forceps, and Cesarean; baby’s first hour.

Week 6 –
Normal Postpartum with strategies for promoting a healthy mother, baby and family
Topics: Newborn baby’s appearance, abilities, and needs. New mother’s physical recovery. New family’s
emotions, changing relationships, and adaptation to life with baby.

Week 7 –
Healthy Birth Practice 6: Keep your baby with you to enable the best relationship and to promote breastfeeding.
Topics: Breastfeeding – How your body makes breastmilk, How to Breastfeed – Position and Latch; Preventing
and Treating Challenges; Pumping and Storing.

Week 8 –
Newborn Care.
Topics: Infant Cues; Crying & Calming; Sleep; Daily Care: diapering, feeding, dressing; health and safety.

Reunion –
Postpartum Reunion Class (approximately 1 month after all the babies are born)
Topics: Bring babies; share childbirth experiences; share concerns about parenting and/or baby care