Lamaze Class Full Outline

Great Starts Lamaze™ Childbirth Education Series >>

Week 1: Late Pregnancy & Preparing for the Start of Labor

Before-Class Google Classroom Lessons
Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices
Staying Healthy in Late Pregnancy
Third Trimester Changes for You & Baby
Getting Your Body Ready for Birth
In-Person Class Topics
Bring smartphone, mobile device or laptop
Orientation, introductions & agenda building
Q&A from prepwork
Exercises for preparing pelvic inlet & outlet
Body mechanics & alignment for efficient birth
Breathwork for birth & the relaxation response
Labor skills coping practice
Touch relaxation & massage

Week 2: Normal Labor & Birth

Before-Class Google Classroom Lessons
What Normal Childbirth is Really Like
Prelabor Signs & Symptoms
Labor & Birth Nearpod Lesson
Your Baby’s First Hours & Days
After Birth
Your Preference for Pain Medications Birth Plans
In-Person Class Topics
Agenda building
Q&A from prepwork
Coping skill practice for each phase of labor
Techniques for increasing your pain tolerance T
ouch techniques for painful back labor

Week 3: Complicated Labor & Birth

Before-Class Google Classroom Lessons
When Childbirth Becomes Complicated
Medical Tools Used During Complicated Childbirth
Induction of Labor
Augmentation of Labor
Second Stage Interventions Cesarean Section Pain Medications
In-Person Class Topics
Agenda building
Q&A from prepwork
Evidence-based shared decision making
Routine vs non-routine medical support tools
Positions for facilitating progress in slower-than-expected labors
Positions for facilitating progress after an epidural
How to have the most successful induction of labor
Having a great birth, even if it’s complicated

Week 4: Postpartum Recovery, Breastfeeding & Newborn Parenting

Before-Class Google Classroom Lessons
Your Postpartum Experience
Getting Ready to Feed & Care for Your Newborn
Breastfeeding Your Baby
Parenting Your Newborn at Home
In-Person Class Topics
Agenda building
Q&A from prepwork
Best practices for initiation right after birth
Hand expression with breast models
Breastfeeding holds & assessing latch
Breastfeeding warning signs
Postpartum recovery essentials
Family communication skills
Newborn calming & swaddle practice
Newborn health & safety warning signs

Postpartum Reunion Class (approximately 1 month after all the babies are born)
Topics: Bring babies; share childbirth experiences; share concerns about parenting and/or baby care