Childhood Stressors

stressed child

Everyone experiences stress: adults, teenagers, children and even infants. Being aware of potential stressors may help eliminate or better handle those stressors.

Some common childhood stressors:

  • Spending extended periods of time in noisy and/or new environments, separated from trusted sources of comfort and support.
  • Worrying about school/grades (performance anxiety)
  • Worrying about parental health and wellbeing.
  • Familial stress (divorce, separation, parental conflict)
  • New situations: new house, new sibling, new school, new parental partner, new parental job€¦etc. Anything new that requires the child to adapt.

Different things affect different people differently.
Do you know what your child’s stressors are? Most parents, when asked to rank their child’s stressors, guess incorrectly.

The best way to become aware of your child’s stressors: Ask, don’t guess.

The first step to reducing stress is noticing that it’s happening or about to happen. Be aware of what stresses your child so you can help them manage their stress.

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