Ten Fun Things

family having fun

10 Fun Things to Do with your family

  1. Build a fort in your living room. You will need chairs, pillows and blankets. Place a blanket over the top of two chairs and put the pillows on the seats of the chairs to hold the blankets in place.  Crawl in the fort and pretend you are camping.
  2. Have a bug-less picnic indoors. Prepare picnic food and spread a blanket out in your living room. Talk about what you like about picnics and being outside.
  3. Make drums from oatmeal boxes and have a parade around your home.
  4. Design hand puppets from paper lunch bags and have a puppet show. You can color the bags or use construction paper to decorate the puppets. Create a puppet stage from a cardboard box.
  5. Use your imagination to make up crazy stories. Have each child or adult add one sentence to the story. These creative stories will always be remembered.
  6. Make a life-size paper doll. Using butcher paper, have a child lie down on the floor on paper and draw his/her outline. The child can cut out the paper doll and color it with markers, paint or crayons.
  7. Celebrate your dog or cat’s birthday. You can make cupcakes and decorate them with sprinkles.
    Tell your pet what you like about him.
  8. Have a red party. Wear red clothes, sing songs that have the word red in them and eat red food. (You can use any color.)
  9. Make play dough: Mix 1 cup flour; ½ cup salt; 1 tablespoon cooking oil; food coloring; ½ cup water. Knead by hand. Store in a plastic bag.
  10. Make homemade bubbles: 1 cup Joy, Dawn or Ivory dish detergent; 12 cups water; ¼ cup glycerin. Stir well without creating foam. Let bubble mixture settle for 4 hours before using it. Blow bubbles in a grassless area outside of your home. It gets pretty messy.