Child And Teen Services

Providing a strong foundation for our children.

Parent Trust for Washington Children is dedicated to providing education and support to children of all ages through three program areas:

Circle of Parents® Groups Children’s Groups

This program is for children whose parents are attending one of our Circle of Parents® Parent Groups. While getting a brief respite from each other, the entire family can still share in a healthy, positive experience. more information >>

Stress Management and Relaxation Training

Everyone-children and adults-experiences stress. Too much stress too often can lead to behavior and/or health problems. Classes for parents, teens and professionals are available. more information >>

Developmental Screening Program

Free developmental screenings are available through Child & Teen Services. We use the ASQ-3 questionnaires on site at Parent Trust’s Seattle location. more information >>


Each year, Child & Teen Services distributes quarterly newsletters to our Circle of Parents partners and other collaborators. Past years’ newsletters are available for everyone to enjoy as posts on our Parent Newsletter page >>