Adolescent Back Talk

An enlightened father recently noted, “The more responsibility I give my son – without being overly protective – the nicer he is.” This parent has discovered that back talk ceases when we allow our teens enough opportunity to suffer and learn from their own mistakes. Generally, Adolescents who talk back have parents who get angry Read More

Trying On New Hats

Why Teens RebelSome teenagers seem to change their values weekly and even daily. If they believe what their parents believe, it means they are not individuals! Some teens have radar that picks up which values are most important to us and then they abandon those values. Wise parents recognize that it’s normal for adolescents to Read More

Things Teens Don’t Like To Hear

Consciously, and generally unconsciously, all of us like to hear, “I love you.”  That’s probably the most important message in life. However, when raising children, the “I love you” message may be coupled with other messages that children may not, at first, appreciate. The messages teens don’t like to hear include variations of, “It looks like you Read More