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I just wanted to express my gratitude for the workshop!
it was very informative and fun.


Stress Management And Relaxation Training

Get S.M.A.R.T!

Healthy and effective relaxation techniques can be learned, and are some of the most effective and important tools for decreasing stress and reducing the negative effects of chronic stress.

In today’s world, we see growing examples of toxic stress accompanied by unhealthy coping strategies. Smoking, drinking, drugging, anger, violence, tuning out, overeating-these are all examples of unhealthy coping strategies that compromise a family and a community’s ability to care for each other.

Learn all about SMART and how to bring it to your program or organization!

The Workshop
Everyone-children and adults-experiences stress. Too much stress too often can lead to behavior and/or health problems. Classes for parents, teens and professionals are available. more information >>

SMART Online
Whether you’ve taken our workshop and want a refresher, or would prefer to just browse through and learn at your own pace, check out our online information about stress management and relaxation. more information >>