Social Skills

During covid-19 homebound time, most parents have expressed concerns about their children’s lack of socializing. They worry that their child is missing out on developing important social skills for when they start (or re-start) school. This is a valid concern, as friendship making skills are a very important component of school success. However, there are Read More

Zero to Sixty

During developmental screenings, parents often tell me their child has trouble with “big” emotions–anger and frustration–and goes from “zero-to-sixty” when they don’t get their way. What most parents are witnessing is more likely a child who is actually very successful in self-regulating from stress throughout the day! These children don’t have multiple outbursts over every Read More

What I Can Control

Humans have the ability to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet—and trigger a real stress response—just by thinking about something! We also have the ability to ruminate over past situations—things that are over and done with—and trigger a real stress response—just by thinking about something that has already happened. Read More