Playing Card Games

Card games are great for low cost fun and learning!

When I was very young, my Grammy taught me how to play gin rummy and a few other card games. I will always remember being amazed at how fast she could shuffle the cards!

I had graduated beyond WAR and Go Fish. Grammy was an avid gin rummy player, and she started me out on a 7-card variation (10 cards, the standard, was too many cards for me to hold in my little hand!) Continue reading “Playing Card Games”

Print or E-Books for Reading

Reading with a child is one of the most basic ways to promote literacy.

It also helps create a strong parent-child connection, can act as a transition to bed time, and can create a life-long love of books and reading.

But these days, parents not only have to choose what book to read, they also have to decide between using a print book or a digital e-book.

There was a small study done in March 2019 that compared these two methods of reading to children.

Continue reading “Print or E-Books for Reading”