Birthday Hikes

What is an emotional connection? A connection with anyone that is strong and lasting.  This is created and developed in many ways.  Spending quality time with your child, creating positive emotional experiences, is a great way to nurture that connection.

Sometimes it is extra special to have a planned event. Knowing that this event will occur not only deepens the connection but also increases a child’s sense of control over their world.  When things are predictable a child can develop a stronger sense of trust.

A family I work with shared with me a terrific ritual they have.  This is a family with 3 children.  On each child’s birthday, Dad takes the child for a father-child hike.  After the hike the entire family gets together for a birthday breakfast.  What a wonderful way for the entire family to celebrate, get outdoor time, have a family ritual and build in some daddy-child time.

What do you already do that is a family ritual?  Can you think of anything you could build in as a family ritual that is fun, predictable and focused on creating a positive experience?  Think simple, yet beyond traditional celebration routines like the family in the example above.  It doesn’t need to cost anything other than your time.