The Cool Kid

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Help your children learn positive ways to keep their cool.

“Cool Down” Coach:
Learning to read the early warning signs is half the battle. Coach your child to recognize his or her own physical and emotional anger signals. “Wow! You look like you’re feeling really mad to me. Maybe you need to go out to the backyard and kick the soccer ball around.” “Boy! You’re looking really frustrated. Maybe you need to take a break and do something else for awhile.”

Anger Tamers:
Help your child find acceptable outlets for venting anger and frustration. Things to try:

  • running laps around the yard
  • scribbling an angry picture
  • pounding playdough
  • singing a mad song
  • counting to 20
  • breathing deeply

Word Power:
Help your child express feelings with words.

“After you have cooled off, talk with Michael and tell him what he did that made you so mad.”

Older children can learn to develop their ability to negotiate and compromise:

“If you feel the limit I’ve set is unfair, what is a better solution?”

Set Limits:
While feeling angry is OK, some behaviors are never acceptable. Having rules about those behaviors can help children stay within the limits you set.

“No matter how angry you feel, it is never OK to hurt someone else.”

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