Self Care Tips For New Parents

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If you are a new parent, you are probably experiencing a lot of stress. It’s normal to be exhausted much of the time. If you never take time to rest, relax and recharge, parenthood can become a trap that leaves you feeling irritable, angry and overwhelmed.

Here are seven simple steps to reduce your stress.

  1. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Sleep deprivation can make you feel crazy.
  2. Set up a support system of family, friends and neighbors who can help you. Call them. Let them offer to lend a hand.
  3. Make a list of small things that you can do each day to make yourself feel good. (Take a hot shower; watch a television program; or have a healthy treat.)
  4. Food affects mood; cut down on processed sugar, fat and caffeine.
  5. Schedule time into each day to talk with an adult.
  6. Forget about housework. Cleaning can wait until you have more time and energy. Or, enlist the help of a friend to do housework.
  7. Try to get outside every day for some fresh air.

Daily Reminder:

No matter how much you love your child, those first few months are hard on all parents.

As your child grows, he/she will make fewer demands on you and you will regain your energy and enthusiasm.

Enjoy your baby and take care of yourself!

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