Coffee Filter Art


Disposable coffee filters, bleached white
Watercolor paints, brushes and cups for water OR markers and spray bottles filled with water or wet paintbrushes.

Method 1:

  • Open filter up and lay it down flat.
  • Now fold coffee filter in half and in half again (and one more time if you want!).
  • Wet the watercolor paints so they are really wet!
  • If you want to be messy, you can roll the filter in the different colored paints.
  • If you want a slightly neater project, you can use brushes and paint on the filter.
  • Open to dry.

Method 2:

  • Keep filter open.
  • Draw design on filter using markers.
  • When finished, spray filter with water or brush with wet paintbrush.
  • NOTE: this project goes really fast, so make sure you have lots and lots of coffee filters for your children to use!