Flower Rubbings

flower rubbingMany of us are familiar with the craft of making leaf rubbings. You find a sturdy leaf and put a piece of paper over it. Using a crayon without a paper wrapper, rub back and forth to get the impression of the leaf on the paper. Lovely.

But I recently learned about flower rubbings–or flower poundings. Using the flowers’ natural color, you can create a rubbing that picks up the color from the natural flower dye onto a paper. Continue reading “Flower Rubbings”

Baking and Cooking

There are many ways to be creative. We often think of art projects for children’s creative activities, but cooking and baking are creative arts too.

Children too young to read can assist parents by helping to add ingredients. Parents can support this helping behavior by pre-measuring ingredients and coaching their child when to add and how to stir. Final touches, like decorating cookies, can be done with children as young Continue reading “Baking and Cooking”

I Spy Bottle

I Spy bottles can keep little ones interested and big ones busy. All you need is an empty plastic bottle, such as a water bottle or empty beverage container, and some interesting objects to put inside.

First, place some small items in the bottle such as beads, mancala stones, paper clips, crayons, small blocks, dice, small bouncy balls, Legos, tiny shells, or anything else you think might draw interest!  Continue reading “I Spy Bottle”