Sidewalk Chalk Alphabet Game

sidewalk chalk

While the weather cooperates, getting outside with your children is a great way to connect as a family. Sidewalk chalk is a fun, educational outdoor game.

All you need is sidewalk chalk and a clear driveway or sidewalk.

Write all the letters of the alphabet out in random order in the space available.  Be sure to make the letters BIG so your child(ren) can see them easily!

You can use different colors and lowercase and capital letters.

There are a number of ways to play a great game.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask your child to start at A and sing the alphabet, finding each letter along the way.
  • See if your child can find each letter of his/her name.
  • Play a game similar to “Follow the leader” with suggestions like these:
    • Run to the letter R.
    • Sit on the letter Q.
    • Find the letter D and bark like a dog.
    • Walk slowly to the letter M.
    • Jump on the letter U.
    • Skip in a circle around the letter L.

This activity is not only an academic exercise (learning letters and colors) but also helps build many developmental skills!

  • When running, skipping and jumping, children are building Gross Motor Skills.
  • Following directions builds on Communication and Problem Solving.
  • If your child helps write the letters – they are building on their Fine Motor Skills.
  • Social and Emotional Skills are practiced when two or more children are playing and taking turns.

Interested in building Developmental Skill?  Contact our Parent Coaches at the Family Help Line to get more ideas!