I Spy Bottle

parenting advice

I Spy bottles can keep little ones interested and big ones busy. All you need is an empty plastic bottle, such as a water bottle or empty beverage container, and some interesting objects to put inside.

First, place some small items in the bottle such as beads, mancala stones, paper clips, crayons, small blocks, dice, small bouncy balls, Legos, tiny shells, or anything else you think might draw interest! 

Next, find something to provide a filling around your objects; dry rice or beans work well. Make sure to leave room in the top of the bottle so you can shake up your I Spy Bottle.

IMPORTANT: glue or tape the lid tightly shut so this fun toy doesn’t create a mess or choking hazard.

Now let your kids shake, rattle, and roll it around! This can be a great toy for a long drive or if you need to make a phone call. List the items you added, or let them see what they find and list it themselves. If your child gets used to the objects inside you can make a new one, or ask for their suggestions for fun objects to hide in the next I Spy Bottle.