Flashlight Walk

move parent advice

This activity is a way to get more outside time for your children AND potentially help them settle down for sleep at night.

If you were to try to get your children to take a walk around the neighborhood, maybe you’d get eye rolls and “boring!” comments.

But, if you wait until it’s dark, give each of your children a flashlight, and take a nighttime neighborhood walk, you’ll get a very different response!

Most children love using flashlights. The world seems like a very different place when children get to stay up late and experience the night. Plus, flashlights at night make shadows, which are VERY cool for young children.

After a full day of school and work, a mellow nighttime stroll together as a family can be a lovely way to unwind and transition to bedtime. On warm nights you can even have everyone change into their PJs first and do a pajama walk. Then, when you get home, everyone is already ready for bed!
Caution: if there is nighttime traffic in your neighborhood, make sure everyone is wearing some form of reflective gear. But remember–you’ll all have your flashlights on, so this helps with safety.