Babies on the Move – Understanding Unequal Crawling in Babies

It is so exciting when our babies start moving and grooving. We love to see our babies crawl! Some babies prefer to move forward with one side of their body while using the other side minimally or not at all. This means they rely more on one arm and one leg to propel themselves forward, Read More

Physical Play and Self Control

Self-control is an important part of emotional development. It is what allows children to manage their feelings and regulate their behavior. The University of Cambridge did an interesting review of 78 studies that had been conducted between 2007-2017. What they found was that children who had more playtime with their fathers had better self-control, were Read More

Explore the Outdoors

4 Ways to Explore the outdoors with your children Exploring the outdoors is a great way to inspire creativity, an appreciation for the natural world, breathe fresh air and get physically active as a family! According to Sanford Health outdoor play: Builds cognitive & social/emotional health Benefits physical health through aerobic exercise and Vitamin D Read More