Flashlight Walk

This activity is a way to get more outside time for your children AND potentially help them settle down for sleep at night.

If you were to try to get your children to take a walk around the neighborhood, maybe you’d get eye rolls and “boring!” comments.

But, if you wait until it’s dark, give each of your children a flashlight, and take a nighttime neighborhood walk, you’ll get a very different response! Continue reading “Flashlight Walk”

Physical Activity And Sleep

Even moderate physical activity helps with sleep.

We know that physical activity benefits children’s health. But, did you know it also helps children sleep better? Even moderate activity can make a difference.

Sleep Latency

A 2009 study found that every hour of the day that children were inactive adds 3 minutes to the time it takes them to get to sleep. The authors of the study monitored a representative sample of 519 children. On average, it took 26 minutes to fall asleep. This period of time–how long it takes to get to sleep–is called “sleep latency.” Continue reading “Physical Activity And Sleep”