Physical Play and Self Control

Self-control is an important part of emotional development. It is what allows children to manage their feelings and regulate their behavior. The University of Cambridge did an interesting review of 78 studies that had been conducted between 2007-2017. What they found was that children who had more playtime with their fathers had better self-control, were Read More

You Can’t Make Me

Backtalk is a natural part of growing up. It’s another way of testing limits. Try to find humor in the situation. If you can keep your sense of humor, backtalk will be just one more of those annoying things kids do, and not the end of the world. Who Me?Does your child sound like anyone Read More

Self Control

Self-control is sometimes described as the ability to limit one’s impulses in the absence of an authority figure. It is often related to one’s developing sense of ethics and values. For example: A 10-year-old child is in a store and sees a pack of gum. They want that pack of gum, but don’t have any Read More