Physical Play and Self Control

Self-control is an important part of emotional development. It is what allows children to manage their feelings and regulate their behavior. The University of Cambridge did an interesting review of 78 studies that had been conducted between 2007-2017. What they found was that children who had more playtime with their fathers had better self-control, were Read More

Jump Rope

It may seem that everywhere you look someone is telling you: But what if you aren’t into the typical sports?Consider jumping rope! Jumping rope is an aerobic exercise that burns lots of calories. Some jump rope experts say that ten minutes of jumping rope is like running an eight-minute mile. And jumping rope doesn’t just Read More

Physical Activity

This self-care tip has nothing to do with your weight, body type, or fitting into pants that are two sizes too small! This is about self-care for your mental health using physical activity for stress reduction. Why exercise? Exercise can increase your endorphin level. Endorphins are “feel good” hormones. Exercise can create feelings of: Excuses for Read More