Explore the Outdoors

play outdoors

4 Ways to Explore the outdoors with your children

Exploring the outdoors is a great way to inspire creativity, an appreciation for the natural world, breathe fresh air and get physically active as a family! According to Sanford Health outdoor play:

  • Builds cognitive & social/emotional health
  • Benefits physical health through aerobic exercise and Vitamin D production through sun exposure
  • Improves sensory skills such as eyesight and perceptual abilities

Here are some of our favorite ways to make getting outside FUN and to spark creativity!

Stack rocks or pine cones and see how high you can get them. This builds fine motor skills.

See how long you can balance on one foot on a log or tree stump. This is a great way to build gross motor skills – be sure to be close to your child as balance can be a challenge! You can offer a supportive arm if they teeter and need help stabilizing.

Play follow the leader – Taking turns is a good way to build personal and social skills.

Lay on the ground and look for shapes in the clouds. When your children describe what they see, and hear what you describe – they build communication skills. This is also a great activity to do when you are nearing nap time. Slowing down your child’s activity and heart rate help set up good sleep habits.

Looking for places to explore near you? Washington State Parks Status page >> can help direct you to a local park that is open, perfect for exploring!