Grocery Store Shopping With Children Tips

shopping cart

Going to the grocery store with children is a challenge, especially now when we are limiting our trips and practicing social distancing. Keeping your little ones engaged and occupied while perusing the store shelves is hard and can require a lot of patience.

Here are tips to make that shopping trip fun, efficient and safe!

Make a list of items needed before you leave. One trick is to text yourself your shopping list or use an app on your smartphone to make your list. Having your list ready before you leave means you will be more efficient in the store – and maybe even cut down on those spur of the moment purchases – look at that – you’re already saving money!

Organize any coupons you will be using and clip those to your list or rubber band them to your phone.

Have your children pick out their masks (be sure to have yours too) and place them in your purse or pocket before leaving the house.

You can also make a Grocery Store Busy Book

Step 1:  Start with a small notebook and personalize the cover. A good way to do this is to use patterned Duck Tape. Then you can wipe the book down as needed.

Step 2: Collect a variety of pictures – use images that will keep your little one occupied in the grocery store. Options include:

  • Objects that they can look for as you cross items off your list or items that they can match, like fruits and vegetables
  • Letters of alphabet
  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Shapes

Step 3:  Cut out each picture & tape one per page in the book using clear packing tape. This also allows you to wipe down/sanitize pages as needed.

Here are some ways to engage your child(ren) with their busy book:
“Can you point out something red?”
“Pick an item in the book and let’s see if we can locate it in the store.”
“What letter does ‘milk’ start with?” Can you find that letter in your book?

Now you are ready to go shopping! And hopefully your little one(s) are excited to go and use their new book!