Arnie the Doughnut

Arnie the Doughnut >>
By Laurie Keller
Ages 4-7

Marni’s summary and comments:
Let’s be clear: doughnuts are made to be eaten. And Arnie LOVES being a doughnut.

Hear about all the things that happened to him that makes him happy (fried in oil? check! sprinkled? check!), the boring muffins, being chosen by a customer, Mr. Bing, and placed in a paper bag (with such a soft napkin).

But Arnie doesn’t know that doughnuts are made to be eaten until he is lifted to Mr. Bing’s mouth. And then things get really strange and go from funny to hysterical! I swear, I couldn’t stop laughing. This is as silly as it gets.

I’ve got a huge crush on the actor Chris O’Dowd, and there is a YouTube video of him reading this book aloud. It’s my gift to you, parents. You read it to your children, but if you watch the video, just try not to smile.]

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