This is a Moose

This is a Moose >>

By Richard T. Morris.
Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld
Ages 4-7

A movie director attempts to make a documentary about a moose, but the moose is having none of it. He refuses to do ordinary moose things like eating leaves, drinking from lakes and, well, what moose and bears do in the woods. This moose has loftier ambitions; he wants to be an astronaut! His friends – a lacrosse-playing granny, a giraffe who wants to be a doctor, and a superhero chipmunk – are there to lend a hand.

Marni’s comments:
The movie shoot keeps getting interrupted for a variety of reasons (I won’t spoil it for you). The illustrations go perfectly with the story, from whimsical to hilarious. And I actually laughed out loud at the punch line. The whole story is adorable, funny, great illustrations–but the ending is the best!

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