Working with Labor

Class Overview

Learning to Trust in the Birth Process

This class is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about coping with labor contractions or have more practice with coping skills, from parents planning an unmedicated birth to those who are planning an epidural as early as possible in labor and who still want to learn skills for coping with labor pain, to cover the time until their medications take effect, or “just in case” the medications are not enough for them.

For first-time parents, it is a great supplement to the Labor & Birth mini-series >> For experienced parents, it is appropriate as a stand-alone class, or to pair with our Better Birth Refresher >>

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Class Topics

This workshop is focused on labor sensations, and ways to cope with labor without pain medication. We discuss how strong sensations are a positive sign of labor progress, and talk about how to find ways to work with your body during labor. We use art, movement, discussion, video, and hands-on practice of coping skills. (Includes concepts from Birthing from Within, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Lamaze, and more).

The class does not include any detailed discussion of pain medication options. Epidurals and other medications are covered in our other birth preparation classes.


Time / Place: This 2.5-hour workshop is held monthly at either UW Medicine’s Roosevelt Clinic or Northwest Hospital.

When to take this class: Any time in the third trimester.

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If you would rather register by phone, or have questions:  +206 789 0883 >>