Baby Care for the Adoptive Family

This three hour class covers all the basics of how to care for an adopted baby, up to about one year of age. We discuss feeding, bathing, diapering, dressing, selecting a pediatrician and strategies for becoming a family. Also addressed are issues unique to the care of adopted babies, including babies who come to the family through international adoption.

Fee includes up to two people from same household to attend.


Cost: $58, includes up to two people in the same household. Parent Club coupons accepted for 15% discount. Additional scholarships available upon request.

Place: Classes are held at the UW Physicians Roosevelt Clinic.

Time: These classes are held three to four times per year. Classes are held on Saturday mornings. If the next “Baby Care for the Adoptive Family” class doesn’t work for your schedule needs, adoptive parents are also welcome to attend our regular Newborn Care classes.

Our Instructor: Classes are taught by Dolly Smith. Dolly is a nurse, certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), and adoptive mother.

Additional Options:  Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby
Are you curious about the option of breastfeeding your adopted baby? There are several alternative approaches to try, and several ways to increase your chance of breastfeeding successfully. Although we do not offer a class on this specific topic, adoptive mothers are encouraged to call our office at 206-789-0883 to arrange for a private class on adoption-specific issues. (This out-of-class time would be billed at our private class rate of $75 per hour).