Listening to Music

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Finding ways to relax as a family is can help everyone calm down during busy times together. Listening to music can help us relax and wind down after a long day or just after any stressful time. Listening to calming music as a family before bedtime can help everyone to relax, and studies have shown that music can even help us fall asleep better.

Setting aside a time where your family listens and relaxes to calming music can help ease the transition to bedtime. Turning off all other electronics and just listening to the music can help children calm down and prepare for bedtime. Even having some music playing softly in your child’s room when they are in bed can help some people fall asleep better.

Some types of music that can be relaxing include classical, nature sounds, music used for meditation and instrumental music. Pandora, Spotify and Youtube are good ways to find relaxing music that your family can listen to or finding a CD at the library is another great option.

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