Toilet Paper Tube Creatures

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Toilet Paper tube crafts are fun and free! Who knew that you could turn toilet paper tubes into octopi, owls, butterflies, monkeys and more! Start collecting toilet paper tubes from your house, and it should only take a week or two to have a couple to play with! You can also use paper towel tubes cut in half.

Octopi: cut 8 lines up from the bottom of the tube until about half way. Draw some eyes on the top half and decorate to create your very own octopus! You can gently push down on your octopi to spread the legs out, or individually curl them up.

Owls: Begin by placing your thumb on the top edge of your toilet paper tube. Press down in order to bend the middle in and have the edges come up to a point. Do this on the back of the top edge of the tube as well. You should end up with two pointy ears on the side and a curved part folded in on the top. Now that you have your owl shape, go crazy decorating it! You can use a simple black marker to make an owl pattern, or get crazy with colors and glued on feathers!

Butterflies: Start with your butterflies beautiful wings by cutting two wing shapes from a piece of paper. Feel free to decorate your wings before, or after, cutting them out. Then, begin decorating your butterfly’s body with markers or paint. Once you’ve decorated both, glue the wings to the back of the butterfly. Cut out and glue some cute antenna’s to complete the look!

Monkeys: Begin by cutting out two small circles out of brown paper (or paper you color brown). The toilet paper tube is usually already brown, but if not, color or paint your monkey’s body brown. You may chose to glue on some googly eyes or some eyes drawn on plain white paper. Cut out a brown squiggle for the tail, and there you have it!