Volley Ball Balloon

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If you haven’t yet played balloon volleyball, you are missing out! This great game can be played with any number of people and only requires a balloon, which can be purchased cheaply from most stores. You can make many different variations of this game, but the simple rule is to keep the balloon off of the ground.

If your children are too young for a balloon or you don’t have one on hand, a soft beach ball will work as well.

This game can be played solo as one person sees how many times they can hit the balloon without it touching the floor. Challenge your child to see who can win! Now what if you could only use one body part, like your feet or your head!

Play balloon back and forth with a pair, or group, of people. See how many times you can hit the balloon to each other without it touching the floor. To make the challenge harder, what if only one person could use their hands, and the other had to use their feet?

This game will amuse children of all ages, including adults! Make sure that if the balloon pops that you dispose of the trash and your child doesn’t put it in their mouth. This game can be fun indoors and out all year round!