Increase Positive Self Talk

Be Kind To Yourself: Increase Positive Self Talk

People need praise and approval everyday. How can you make sure that you get your daily dose?

Give it to yourself!
Positive self-talk is any kind of message to yourself that makes you feel happy, strong, relaxed, motivated, loving, or energetic. We can use positive self-talk to calm ourselves down, to get out of a bad mood, or to handle a stressful situation. We can be our own best coach and cheerleader. For example:

  • “I can handle this situation,”
  • “I can stay calm,”
  • “I am a good parent,”
  • “I make good decisions for my children.”

Remember–you make human rights!
Positive self-talk can also be reminding yourself everyday that you are a human being with needs and rights:

  • You have a right to make mistakes.
  • You have a right to express your feelings.
  • You have a right to your opinions.
  • You have a right to rest and relax.
  • You have a right to ask for help.
  • You have a right to play and have fun.

Write down other rights you can think of that sometimes you forget in the midst of being a busy parent. How can you use these statements every day? Write down your ideas and discuss with someone.

The Dot Trick, Part two

Remember the dot trick from the section on decreasing negative self talk? This time, use the dots to remind yourself to use positive self-talk. At first, parents can feel funny using positive self-talk, but if practiced every day positive self-talk can be one of the best tools you will ever use to “re-charge” your batteries and have the energy you need to be the parent you want to be everyday!

Daily Reminder:
People need praise and encouragement everday. Get it from one of the best sources-yourself!

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