Mini Breaks

Mini Breaks and Micro Vacations
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Magic Fairy that came around everyday and rewarded parents for a job well done?!

No such luck.
Most parents have to reward themselves for a job well done. But with all the responsibilities taking time to reward yourself may feel like a luxury you can’t afford. The truth is: If you want to take good care of your family, you must take good care of yourself!

Mini-breaks. The pause that refreshes.

  • Stop for 10 minutes and read a favorite magazine?
  • Listen to a soothing tape?
  • Call a friend?
  • Look through a kaleidoscope?
  • Pet the cat?
  • Read the newspaper?

What are the small ways you can reward yourself everyday? What brings you joy in 10 minutes or less?

  • increased efficiency
  • decreased stress
  • better problem-solving ability.

The goal is to build in three mini-breaks, at least, during each day. This investment of 30 minutes each day can bring numerous rewards:

But most important, you deserve rewards and breaks!

Micro-vacations. Something to live for.

  • go to the art museum
  • spend the day riding the ferry
  • go the movies with friends
  • attend a flower show
  • join an eagle-watching hike
  • sit in the library and read all afternoon.
  • Whatever brings you joy and renewed energy!

Human beings can put up with a great deal of stress if they can count on eventually getting a real break to take care of themselves.

Parents need to know that they can count on a time when they can stop being a parent for a few hours and nurture themselves.

The goal is to have at least 6 hours each month to nurture yourself. This doesn’t mean an afternoon off from the kids to finish all your projects and complete your “to do” list. This is a micro-vacation that nurtures and refreshes you!

You might:

Write down some examples of a monthly micro-vacation that would really “re-charge” your batteries. Discuss it with a friend!

Daily Reminder
Parents deserve rest, rewards, and relaxation too! Go out there and “re-charge”!

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