Paper Snowflakes

By making paper snowflakes, young children can build their gross motor skills, learn to handle scissors, and make their own unique designs. As they get older have they will be able to cut more and more complex designs. Snowflakes are also a beautiful decoration to brighten any room or window. Tape them from the ceiling, string them across a doorway or tape them on to a window to create your own winter wonderland.

Materials Needed:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Paper


  • Fold a corner of a piece of paper to the opposite edge.
  • Cut off the excess edge so you leave your paper as square.
  • Fold two opposite corners to make a triangle.
  • Repeat two or three more times. The more you fold it, the harder it is to cut.
  • Cut different shapes out of the edges.
  • Unfold and look at how your snowflake turned out!
  • If desired paint, color or decorate with sparkles.