I Wish I Had An Expert

Looking For An Expert?

During this unprecedented time in history, parents are navigating safety challenges, uncertainty, fear, and daily changes in information without a road map. Carrying the responsibility of a family’s well-being is always many-layered, but this global pandemic is adding complication and complexity beyond what many of us have yet encountered.

Every new day seems to bring new decisions to be made. Have you asked yourself any of the following?

How should I talk to my children about coronavirus?
How do I navigate play date requests? Screen time? School work?
How do we keep in touch with grandparents and other loved ones?
How do we stay safe if our children travel between multiple households? Live with an essential worker? Live with someone immuno-compromised?

It’s easy to wish you had an expert to tap in moments like these. And there are so many — too many. It’s overwhelming.

Health professionals can guide you regarding coronavirus, but you are the expert on your family’s unique situation and needs. You make the plan for your household. You already know what works for your family and you can consider that information while creating a solution that supports all of you. When you learn new information or understand your family’s needs differently, you can change or start again.

Try asking yourself the following questions to start making your family’s plan:

What are my concerns and those of my family members? What are our unique needs?
What do I already know about the situation?
What would I like to understand more about?
What are my options?
What have I tried before that worked?
What can I do differently?

You are the expert. You can make a safe, sustainable plan. We can help.

If you live in Washington State and would like to talk through your thoughts and options with someone who will listen, call or email the Family Help Line. 800-932-4673 familyhelpline@parenttrust.org