Sibling Preparation for Kids

Class Overview

This class prepares children for the birth of a new family member.

It is appropriate for young children, typically ages 2.5-6 (other ages are allowed with special considerations for their individual attention span, interest, their ability to speak and understand full sentences).

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

The class is taught to the children, with parents listening in. Information is presented at a pre-school aged child’s learning level, but many older children enjoy the class, too.

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Class Topics

Topics include information about pregnancy, birth, how newborns behave, ways to safely be around their new siblings, and some of the ways that family life is affected by new babies

Note: The class does include a discussion of the birth process, and it includes photographs of a birth and illustrations with a birthing doll depicting labor and the birth of a baby, as well as the sounds laboring moms may make. The information is taught at an age-appropriate level.

Older or Younger Children

If your child is outside the recommended age range of 2.5-6 years old, or is not able to speak/understand full sentences, please consider taking our Sibling Preparation for Parents class >> to help you assess your child’s needs and ways to approach important topics in an age appropriate way.

Other Classes to Consider

Sibling Preparation for Parents class >> A class designed for parents and caregivers to discuss the needs of your individual child(ren) as you prepare for the transitions of having a new baby. This may be a perfect compliment to our class for children, or take as a stand-alone class.

Parents who are interested in this class may also be interested in Better Birth Refresher >> or Working with Labor >>

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If you would rather register by phone, or have questions:  +206 789 0883 >>