Expecting Multiples

Class Overview

This is a comprehensive series for families who are expecting multiples.

We offer this class as a single weekend condensed format in two 6-hour sessions.

Parents who have previously given birth to singletons are welcome to take a subset of the classes, to learn how things may be different with multiples.

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Class Topics

Pregnancy with Multiples

This class will offer an overview of your pregnancy timeline, weight gain and nutritional guidelines, fraternal vs. identical babies, setting up support, and connecting with local mothers of multiples.

It includes the opportunity to meet and connect with other class participants – who are also expecting multiples! You will receive handouts on belly and back support, obtaining a disabled parking permit, and planning for short-term disability.

Labor Preparation with Multiples
Review what is the normal process of labor and birth, methods such as breathing and relaxation for coping with pain in labor, and the role of the support person in labor.

Preventing Preterm Birth
Topics include how to respond to signs of problems that could lead to premature birth and about the needs of preterm infants.

Birth of Multiples
Explore, in depth, what makes a birth with multiples different from the birth of a single baby. Topics include vaginal birth of twins, potential variations of delivery for the second baby, the roles of staff members, Cesarean section birth, and epidural anesthesia.

Breastfeeding Multiples
Learn about breastfeeding and discusses the basics of how a woman’s body produces milk, successful breastfeeding of 2 or more babies, choosing a twin nursing pillow, breast pumping, and milk storage.

Basics of Newborn Care
Learn about postpartum adjustment, normal newborn care, setting up your home, and tips for coping with more than 1 infant.

Parenting Multiples
This section of the class reviews parenting multiples, planning for success with newborn multiples, learning how to accept help from friends and families, setting up your home, choosing essential equipment, and tips for coping and thriving with more than 1 infant.


When to take this class: Because the class covers important topics related to preventing complications, register for a series that starts as early in your pregnancy as you are able, or at the latest, the series should be completed by 32 weeks gestation, but earlier is better.

Condensed 2-Day Weekend Series:
This format usually occurs over two consecutive days over one weekend, Saturday and Sunday starting at 12pm and ending by 6:30pm, and includes a 30 minute dinner break (12 hours of in-class time). This format provides all the same lesson content as the multi-week format.

Weeknight 7-week Series:
Each class lasts 2.5 hours, total of 17.5 hours for the series. Families who already have children can take a subset of five classes, which includes class 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7, with a prorated price. This multi-week format is ideal for building a sense of connection with classmates in a way shorter formats do not easily facilitate. We recommend that families take the classes in standard order, but if the timing isn’t right for you, then you can join a series partway through, and then make up the missing class sessions during our next series.

Other Classes to Consider

If more class time is desired on preparing for parenthood beyond what is offered in the series classes, we recommend additional parenting classes that we offer, such as Life With Baby >> Conscious Fathering>> and Babysafe>>

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